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Since the question that serves as the title of this chapter does not seem so complicated, you might think we have a simple answer after all this time. Write homework? One might think that open-minded people checking the evidence can agree on whether writing agencies really help. Researchers were far from unanimous in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of such service providers as a teaching technique. The conclusions are very different. Their assessments ranged from positive, unimplemented, or complex homework assignments to the assumption that the research was conducted too sparingly or poorly to allow for trusted conclusions. If you think about it, a number of problems could complicate the picture and make it more or less likely that the approach would seem useful in a given study: but what kind of homework do we speak about? Complete worksheets or extended projects? In which subjects? How old are the students? How capable and interested are you? Are we looking at how much the fatherprof assigned or how much the students actually did? How careful was the study and how many students were studied?

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The negative effects of writing agencies are well known. These include your frustration and fatigue, lack of time for other activities and possible learning loss. Many parents complain about the effects of writing agencies on their relationship with their children; They may also fail to play the role of an author and worry that they will either be criticized for not being busy enough with their homework or too involved. The most important skill a ghostwriter can offer is the ability to write words that sound like they’re coming out of your mouth. If chameleons could write, they would be ideal ghostwriters, changing their writing style as they liked. We bring a variety of writing styles, from humor to formal to journalistic or motivational. People hire our ghostwriters to write books, simple articles, reports, novels, or just write anything they want. We can write in any genre – you name it. This makes us flexible and creative enough to adapt to your unique style and choose words that express your unique point of view. In fact, our services include absolute anonymity when requested; When the writing is done and the bills are paid, you are the author and you have all the rights – without the negative effects and inhibitions. Point.

Outline of the homework

However, most cases of plagiarism can be avoided by providing references and correct organization. Simply accepting that certain materials have been borrowed, and providing your listeners with the information necessary to find this source, is usually enough to prevent plagiarism. This also applies to the correct planning, which includes further points:

  • cover sheet
  • Contents Work with pages
  • text part
  • Introduction (with thematic outline)
  • Main section (divided into chapters)
  • Short Summary
  • Literature and illustration index
  • attachment
  • Insurance to have worked independently

For more information about referencing, see your formatting preference. If you use an image, video, or piece of music in your work that you have reproduced without appropriate permission or appropriate reference, it is simply plagiarism.

Formatting the homework

  • Font: Times New Roman (or Arial size 11)
  • Font size: 12 point
  • Line spacing: 1.5
  • Margins: top and bottom each 2.5 cm, left and right each 3 cm
  • Paragraph format: Justify (pay attention to separation)
  • Footnotes: Font size 10

Numbering: all pages numbered, except title page, table of contents of a paper, bibliography & appendix

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