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  • Outline of the diploma thesis
  • cover sheet
  • Contents Work with pages
  • text part
  • Introduction (with thematic outline)
  • Main section (divided into chapters)
  • Short Summary
  • Literature and illustration index
  • attachment
  • Insurance to have worked independently

Writing dissertations is a must for any respectful scientist because it shows his abilities, knowledge and skills in the theoretical field. You can become a teacher, a pedagogue, or even a scientist without this paper, but you can hardly go up on the barking tour without a doctorate or without the defense of your dissertation. What is so challenging about it? You must follow all the requirements and instructions that are sometimes quite puzzling. Their work should be of special size, structure and style (formatting features). The content should be appropriate to the topic and your main task is to introduce new ideas and prove your point of view. Besides, it should be well organized and contain no mistakes. Therefore, many people are looking for an effective solution and would like to buy a dissertation online.

Formatting of the diploma thesis

  • Font: Times New Roman (or Arial size 11)
  • Font size: 12 point
  • Line spacing: 1.5
  • Margins: top and bottom each 2.5 cm, left and right each 3 cm
  • Paragraph format: Justify (pay attention to separation)
  • Footnotes: Font size 10

Numbering: all pages numbered, except title page, table of contents of a paper, bibliography & appendix

As a rule, a diploma thesis is an independent examination of some important questions in a subject chosen by the student. The aim of the diploma thesis is the systematization, generalization, formalization and verification of the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills of the aspirant. This requires a sufficient theoretical elaboration of the topic, including the analysis of experiments, observations or literary and other sources dealing with the question under investigation (research). The defense of a thesis of a theoretical or experimental nature is prescribed for some departments in higher technical schools instead of a diploma project. Graduates of literary institutes submit e.g. literary works for their theses. In order to be successful during the academic course, one must opt ​​for a professional service that provides proven experts in various fields to the aspirant. We are also 100% committed to every project and order. Whether you choose a theme for your blog or need to rewrite all content from scratch, our experts will help you write your essay for a comparatively low price. Each of our authors is a certified professional in a particular scientific field. The subjects range from law, philosophy and physics to sociology, psychology and criminology. All you have to do is choose a topic and specify your topic when ordering on our website.

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